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Enteprise Rent a Car

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Situation Analysis

After 5, 10, or maybe even 20 years of outperforming the market, one would expect Enterprise to ease from its growth stage into maturity. After 35 years, the company continues to grow, and it has great expectations for its future. Armed with a great track record, and powerful ambitions, the company faces a battle against competitors who are rapidly penetrating the “home-city” market. Also, the company faces its own internal battles, as attracting new quality employees is becoming more and more of an issue.

Strengths The company has already established a strong presence in communities it serves The Enterprise brand is becoming more and more recognizable and is on its way to becoming the default rental place Its percentage-of-profit compensation plan keep employees motivated as they deliver outstanding service The accelerated promotion-from-within opportunities attract top-notch employees, and managers

Weaknesses The company is under-diversified offering services only to “home-city” clients Inability to attract quality recruits Low emphasis on advertising compared to competitors

Opportunities Potential expansion into the “leisure” market Business rental is a growing segment for Enterprise Further diversification aside from picking clients up will help maintain and increase market-share Opening up branches near airports

Threats Other firms penetrating the “home-city” market Its main distribution channels (insurance companies and repair shops) switching over to competitors Enterprise will have low employee retention rates in a down market, since a large portion of the compensation is performance-based

Consumer Analysis

As most success stories, Enterprise Rent-a-Car has successfully grown since 1962 by closely following the philosophies of the founder. Jack Taylor believed that being consumer oriented was of great importance to success. As opposed to most of its competitors, Enterprise sells more than just a service, it brings an experience.

So far the company has rigorously followed a Market Development strategy, as it has pushed for an existing product (car-rentals) in a new market (home-city). This strategy has allowed it to earn superior profits in this untapped market, at least until recently. Enterprises’ rapid



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